Special Ways To Honour The Life Of A Loved One

When your loved one passes away, you’ll likely be under a lot of stress. Not only do you face the grief of loss, but you may be overwhelmed by end-of-life planning and arrangements. Once you honour your loved one’s wishes, you might be left with the question of how you will personally remember their life. Some people value a physical memorial of their loved one, and there are several ways you can incorporate the remains of your loved one into a beautiful keepsake you can treasure forever.

A Memorial Tree Program

Memorial Tree Program

Memorial trees are beautiful ways of honouring the life of a special person. Our Memorial Tree program features a range of caskets or coffins in our Expression Coffins range, which feature unique photo memorialisation and which balance out the use of natural materials. When you purchase a coffin, we will organise a memorial tree to be planted by the Men of the Trees society. This is a not-for-profit, non-political group committed to the maintenance, protection and reforestation of Australian trees. We’ll also provide you with a certificate outlining our Program once your tree has been planted.

Memorial Jewellery

If you want to keep your loved one close, memorial jewellery is a beautiful way of treasuring their memory. We offer a range of jewellery options for you to choose from:

  • Necklaces: Our necklaces are custom-designed to conceal a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. We offer a variety of pieces and metals to choose from, along with chains that you can purchase in addition to your pendant.
  • Bracelets: Our bracelets complement many of our necklace designs. Add cremation beads to your bracelet to hold a nominal amount of your loved one’s ashes. Our bracelets are available in silver or gold options and come in a stylish rope design. If you’d like a more masculine design, choose our Tadblu bracelet. This features a braided leather band with a bead to hold your loved one’s remains.
  • Earrings: When you select from our necklace range, you may be able to pair it with matching earrings. Unlike our necklaces and bracelets, our earrings do not contain ashes and are designed to be an elegant accompaniment to your memento piece.
  • Keyrings: We understand some of our customers are not interested in jewellery, and so we also offer a range of keychains as an alternative. We can even convert some of our silver pendants into keyrings – our team can help you determine the best pendant to suit your needs.

Memorial Star

Keep your loved one’s memory alive with a memorial star. This is a unique way of honouring the life of someone who has passed away – you can choose to name a star in your loved one’s honour, and will be able to gaze at the night sky with a constant reminder of their memory and importance in your life. All our memorial stars come with a professional certificate, complete with your loved one’s name and astronomic location. We also provide a helpful Star Atlas map, information guide, and helpful brochures on our universe and the constellations. You will be able to view your star through the free Find My Star mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. Simply search for your star’s register number and you’ll be offered four fantastic viewing platforms from which to observe your unique memorial.

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