Top Cemeteries Around the World

You may never have considered that cemeteries have a pecking order, and that some are believed to be more attractive or interesting than others.

It is rare for most people to even think about whether nearby Gold Coast cemeteries are appealing, but A Gentle Touch Funerals can show you some places that will make you think about where you will be laid to rest.

Famous names in a famous city

Perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paris, France is a cemetery. It is the Pere-Lachaise, with antique graveyards, winding paths and famous people including Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde.

Maramures, Romania

This is a truly amazing place, considered to be one of the most unusual cemeteries in the world. It has amazing tombstones, often coloured blue and with stylised paintings on them which recreate scenes from the deceased person’s life.

London cemeteries, United Kingdom

There are seven well-known cemeteries in London, all established in the 1800s and with many notable people, including Karl Marx and names from both politics and the artistic world. The cemeteries are all built in a Christian Gothic style, although here and there Egyptian revival pieces are clearly evident.

Prague Jewish cemetery

There are more than 12,000 tombstones built into this compact area, some of which date back to the 15th century. There are a host of symbols, including lions which around a web-based tomb associated with the mythical Golem.

Waverley, Sydney Australia

If you want to be buried overlooking the ocean, then Waverley is the place to go. It has appeared in movies, and has a number of famous Australians buried in the location. This is one of A Gentle Touch Funerals‘ favourite cemeteries.

Forest lawn, LA, California

If you become rich and famous, and want to be buried close to LA’s Tinseltown, then you might be buried in Forest Lawn. Most tombs are hidden here, just like in the nearby Glendale Cemetery, but there are still numerous celebrity burials in this location.

Find your own place to be buried

If you are thinking about your own final resting place, then you might want to look at the best Gold Coast cemeteries close to your home.

A Gentle Touch Funerals are here to suggest where you might like to lie in peace, perhaps close to departed loved ones, or in a pleasant location with plenty of visitors. To talk your decision through with us, contact us today or call  07 5522 0099 now. 

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