We Are Here For You – Our Funerals During COVID-19

With the current pandemic upon us, thought needs to be given to the funeral industry and how funerals are being handled through this unprecedented situation. Our industry is adapting like many others as quickly as possible to these new circumstances.

The current shortage situation with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is an issue for the funeral industry. As we are not classed as an essential service, the funeral industry is left to source its own PPE, such as body bags, masks, gowns, hand sanitiser etc. This has been difficult, but we have these resources and are using them throughout our work.

Up until recently, when it was made official that only 10 people including staff and the celebrant could attend a funeral, the public assumed that funerals could be conducted as normal with as many people as they wanted could attend.

Once the announcement was made funerals changed completely, as now only seven family members can attend a funeral service.

In most cases, there are more than seven members of the family. It saddens us to restrict to only immediate family members when they are grieving. We understand how difficult this must be and are with you every step of the way to support you through grief at such a difficult time. We are committed to providing services that honour your loved one and their life in the way that they deserve.

The other current concern is social distancing. If a husband has lost his wife and the children have lost their mother, how can we social distance? The current health laws are making this time even more difficult for grieving families.

At A Gentle Touch Funerals, we are committed to looking after the care of our staff, the public who walk through our doors and those family members who attend the funeral service.

Once the public has left our premises, we sanitise each piece of furniture, the reception counter, door furniture and anywhere else that may have been touched.

We provide sanitiser, which we have home-made, pens which can be discarded and are kept by the person. We also sanitise our chapel after each funeral for the protection of everyone’s health.

There is also the financial burden of unexpected funeral expenses. With our employment rate now soaring there is the question of the cost of a funeral and can I afford it. We have a wide range of service options so if you are suffering financial difficulty at this time, we can provide you with these to assist you.

While the Government is protecting the Australian public the funeral industry and families grieving currently are under even more financial pressure and hardship than ever before. We understand the current climate will cause even more stress in an already stressful time and we are still here to help guide you through the entire process.

We are open and available so please contact us. Rest assured that we are doing all that we can at A Gentle Touch Funerals to provide you with thoughtful and compassionate services during these difficult times.

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