What Are The Different Types Of Urns Available?

You want to honour your loved one, and there are many ways to do this with a beautiful, handcrafted cremation urn, You’ll surely find something that speaks to you once you start looking at the range of options available. Read on for below for some helpful information on the different types of urns available.

Teardrop Urn

Brass Urns

Brass urns are a very popular choice. Many families choose a simple, metallic brass with a hint of colour and engraving, but there is also the option to customise an urn with a specific colour or texture.

Brass urns are very easy to personalise or engrave, so they’re perfect if you want to add a short message.

Pewter Urns

Pewter is an elegant, malleable material and a fantastic choice for a cremation urn. As with brass urns, they’re able to be easily engraved and customised, so you can record a personal, lasting message for the one you love.

Spun Aluminium Urns

Aluminium is a lightweight material which can also be easily engraved with a personal message or painted in a colour of your choice. An aluminium urn promises to be seal-tight and safe, and is also more affordable than brass options.

Ceramic Urns

Ceramic urns are another popular choice for families. Ceramic is a durable material and is able to be moulded in a variety of shapes and designs, meaning you can create an urn that truly reflects your loved one’s unique character, personality and interests.

They are also glazed to give them a polished, elegant finish.

Timber Urns

Wooden urns prove a more discreet option than other types of urns, and will beautifully represent your loved one in warm, earthy wooden tones. The surface can be customised with laser engraving or a brass urn plate.

Decorative Urns

A decorative urn is guaranteed to memorialise your loved one with a touch of character. They come in a range of styles, colours and materials, and while they’re more expensive than other options, they’re unique.

Biodegradable Urns

As we become more environmentally conscious, biodegradable urns have emerged as a very popular choice. They are a great option if you are planning a natural or water burial for your loved one.

As they’re made from recycled and organic material, they’re designed to break down when they come into contact with soil or water. You also have the option to display a biodegradable urn in your home until you decide on a final resting place.

Scattering Urns

If you wish to scatter your loved one’s remains, scattering urns make this straightforward. Scatter urns have a top opening, so ashes can be released with ease.

Cremation Jewellery

Keep your loved one close to your heart with a customised piece of cremation jewellery. Cremation jewellery is also a great choice if you and your family would like to share your loved one’s ashes. 

Ashes can be kept within a locket, which is usually silver or featuring a cut gemstone on the front. Alternatively, they can be incorporated within a GIA-certified diamond.

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