What Do Funerals Cost?

At A Gentle Touch Funerals, we’ll help handle the process of funeral planning with sensitivity and discretion. But what costs can you expect?

A Breakdown of Costs

According to one survey from Sunlife, Australian funerals are on the lower end of the pricing scale compared to other countries at around $5,716 (AUS) for a funeral.

Meanwhile, funeral costs in the U.S. being amongst some of the highest in the world, at around $10,767.

Funerals are subject to the needs of the individual and their family. There is no set price as there are several customizable elements available. The first consideration is whether you require a burial or a cremation. Each of these options has factors that will influence the cost in different ways.

Some specific costs you may need to consider are as follows:

. Funeral director 

. Transportation

. Coffin selection (solid wood and the type of wood or MDF) 

. Headstone

. Death certificate 

. Cemetery plot 

. Additional costs, e.g., choice of celebrant/clergy, floral arrangements, plaque (if required), newspaper notices, etc. 

Many people prepare for their own or their loved one’s funeral ahead of time.

There are a number of ways to do this:


The most straightforward way to prepare for a funeral is to put money away for it in advance. Setting up a separate account (such as a Term Deposit) from your main bank account is a great way to monitor how your funeral fund is tracking. Speak to your banking provider regarding the account that best suits your needs.

It’s also a good idea to keep your family apprised of the situation, so they’re fully prepared for the future.


Funeral Insurance may help to take the guesswork out of the equation. Be sure, however, to read the policy details thoroughly, as some products can have you paying much more than the payout your loved ones will receive. Also, if you cease the policy early, you may forfeit the funds you’ve added to date.

Weigh up all of your options before considering Funeral Insurance.

Funeral Bonds

With Funeral Bonds, a deposit is made with regular instalments paid thereafter, and the paid monies attract interest. The funds are only available for funeral costs, and no one can withdraw them early.

Funeral Bonds can be purchased from a number of vendors (such as a life insurer), but as with all financial products, be sure to do your research first.


Your family might be able to access your super to cover funeral costs. The process can take some time, and your loved ones may need to cover costs at the outset and claim repayment at the conclusion of will proceedings.

In the event of a terminal illness, early access to your superannuation may be allowed. Speak to your superannuation provider for details.

Bereavement Payouts

Compassionate allowances may be claimable through the Australian Government to assist Australian citizens when a family member passes. This may also help with funeral costs. Speak to Services Australia for further information.

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