What To Wear To A Funeral On The Gold Coast?

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. There is so much that goes into planning and preparing for a funeral, and that final farewell can be challenging in many ways, both emotionally and practically.

As a guest at a funeral, you may wonder how you can best say goodbye and show respect to the family, and one element of this is what you should wear to a funeral.

There are some guidelines that are generally followed by guests that you could consider when deciding what to wear. Find out what is often considered typical and accepted funeral attire at Gold Coast Funerals below.


Check With The Family

While there are some generally accepted rules around what one should wear to a funeral, bear in mind that everyone is different and therefore every funeral is different, too.

If you have been invited to a funeral, it may be noted that the person who has passed away had a favourite colour that everyone is to wear, or perhaps that they requested casual dress rather than formal.

You should also consider the background of the person and their family, both their religious and ethnic background, to check whether there are any other considerations you should make when choosing an appropriate outfit.


Don’t Steal Focus

Black is the traditional colour for a funeral, out of respect to the deceased and to demonstrate your mourning of their passing.

However, there are other reasons for this. The person who has passed away should be the central focus of the day, and therefore everyone wearing uniform black means that you are not detracting from this. 

Again, check ahead of time if a different colour has been requested, and if you do not wear black, muted colours are also generally considered acceptable.

Again, this is based on Western cultural norms, so be sure to check with family or friends.


Shoes Matter

While you may be used to wearing sandals and trainers, these are not appropriate, even on those very hot weather days. For a funeral, closed-toe dress shoes are generally thought to be the correct choice for both men and women.

Black shoes are usually the best choice, but brown or dark blue shoes are also usually acceptable.


Casual Or Formal?

As we mentioned before, the funeral you attend may have a specific dress code. At some funerals, t-shirts and more relaxed outfits might be acceptable, but within limits.

Your outfit should not be revealing, and should not display any logos, or generally any bold or loud prints.

Even at less formal events, remaining in muted shades is usually advisable, unless you have been expressly told otherwise.

While the life you are celebrating has surely been bright and colourful, a funeral tends to be more sartorially sombre.


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