Why You Should Think About Pre-arranging Your Funeral

Losing a family member is a traumatic and distressing experience, yet everyone copes with death in different ways. Trying to organise and pay for a funeral can often add to the stress of the tragedy and is usually the worst time to try to make decisions. Therefore, having a pre-arranged funeral helps take care of all the details without putting your family under further burden. Another benefit is your family gets to see your wishes carried out as they have been pre-agreed to by your Brisbane and Gold Coast funeral director.
Ensuring your wishes are complied with
By pre-arranging a funeral, you get to leave an impression with your personally selected service that represents you the way you want to be. This not only saves your relatives the trouble of having to arrange your funeral during what is likely to be an already difficult time, it makes your own wishes much clearer.
From the eulogy and flowers to how people dress and the choice of music, planning your funeral ahead of your passing allows you to make choices that express your personality.
Making your own personal choices
Immediate family members and close relatives of the deceased can sometimes become upset over real or perceived conflicts when carrying out your wishes. By having them agreed upon and documented in advance, you help avoid the potential for disputes when arranging your final journey.
All types of funerals
When our clients choose their pre-arranged funerals with us they can rest assured their express wishes will be fully adhered to. From religious and traditional to contemporary and unique, our funeral specialists here at A Gentle Touch Funerals are experienced with many styles of funeral.
Acting out of concern
We appreciate that like many of our clients you will take advantage of our pre-arrangement services acting out of concern for those who are left behind. This may be reflected in both the practical details of your planned funeral or through ensuring that all the costs involved are also taken care of in advance.
More than just a goodbye
Funerals have the potential to be times of both grief and for remembering the best of what you contributed to the lives of those you will be leaving behind. By choosing to have a hand in the final arrangements yourself, you will be creating an opportunity to help your family and friends one last time in a deeply meaningful way.
Planning ahead with the funeral services experts
The Mudgeeraba funeral specialists here at A Gentle Touch Funerals can assist in compiling all types pre-arranged funerals.
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